18SS Collection story

Treasures in everyday

The day starts with the morning light through a jacquard curtain at a window.

There is a little bakery shop on the way to his office.
It is a little bit of pleasure in everyday life for him to buy a piece of cherry pie at the bakery, even though the owner is not so talkative and friendly.

He works at a small factory at the seashore.
Once he gets the office, he changes into work clothes.
They are not typical work clothes. He chooses the ones that make him happy.

A factory manager like a bear suit walks heavily into the factory having a mass of metal shortly afterwards he gets to his spot.

The manager swings a stick on his right hand, and then the mass of metal breaks into small pieces and flows in the air like stardust.
That is the starting bell in the factory.

He softly grabs the small pieces and wraps them in a silver sheet.
And then he puts the sheet in the blue fire and let it cool down.
He repeats this process over and over like a three-star chef.

After a while he opens the sheet, and the small pieces changed into something bright.

There is no one knows that what the glittering things are and who receives them, but it is not important for him because he believes that it is useless to try to find meanings in everything in life.

It is his routine to have a glass of “Poli”, which is a kind of fruit wine made from various fruits and Shochu at the only bar in the town after finishing eight hour working.

One day in the morning, he goes to work as usual, and the manager takes him to the basement in the factory.

They go down the stairs, and he sees an enormous big herb on the ground.

It seems to be lonely somehow, and the color is dull.
The manager taps him on his shoulder and whispers,
“I want you to polish it up like stars in the night sky.”

It is the first time for him to be at a loss for words since he started working in this factory because he has no idea how long it takes to finish polishing up such a huge thing.

He is satisfied with this work, but a little bit getting tired of ordinary days at the same time.

Therefore, he has a thought of accomplishing his own jobs that make people happy in the world.

However, the answer is “Ok. I will do it”.

He knows that one day at a time.
Since that day, he has given himself up to the task.

Sometimes he takes a rest to see cucumbers growing at a courtyard in the factory and insects flying over there.

How many years has he spent for the herb?
One day in summer, the herb finally gets shine as bright as stars.

After finishing the long task, he goes to the courtyard and takes a deep breath.

And then the ordinary days come back to him.

One day at night after a few years passed, he is on his way to home after having a glass of “Poli” and finds people at the seashore.

Surrounded with happiness, everyone looks up in the night sky.
It is a wonderful, starlit night.

Everyone is mesmerized to see the stars, and a familiar silhouette appears among them.

It seems to be the enormous herb, and the stars are familiar to him.

“I have never seen such a beautiful starry sky”

He looks back and finds that the baker stands there with smile.

The baker whispers that the stars deliver these lights from space.

Since that night, everyday becomes a precious day for him.


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