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Ame-Casi-Boinne (Ame-Casi -American Casual-*: a genre or a style of fashion in which focus on functional facets of various types of uniform in sports, military, school, and jobs in America that are adopted as daily outfit by Japanese and spread all around the world. )

As always, an owner of a general store who is also known as the Street Phantom Thief travels beyond time and space on his time machine for the sake of the legendary heroes of our history.

He will never know “when” he is traveling to until he turns on his only buddy, the car radio.

But he feels just fine not knowing destinations since he loves to bet on his own serendipity.

One day, he hears an interview with two Japanese fashion designers when he turns on his buddy…

“…Presented by Technicoland!…”
[Interviewer] So what is the theme for the upcoming 2019 Fall-Winter season!?

[Tsuji] “We gonna be doing Ame-Casi for this one!”

[Interviewer] Say what!? It’s kinda unusual for a season theme to be a fashion genre… What is up with you?

[Tsuji] “I just couldn’t resist my urge, I mean it just came to me. lol When it comes to fashion, American Casual is the most familiar thing that I was exposed to since I was a kid.”

[Tokuda] “I agree. I guess blue jeans is the core of it. There were so many American products around us when we were growing up.”

[Interviewer] So much… and vintage products were a big trend!

[Tokuda] “Exactly! That was when Ame-Casi literally prospered. A real big time for Japanese street culture to get picked up overseas. And I sincerely realized that Ame-Casi is the true root of our fashion.”

[Tsuji] “But we never thought that we wanted to copy or imitate American products that are already there.”

[Interviewer] Then what is the foundation of your products??

[Tsuji] “Imagination!”

[Interviewer] Can you be more specific… please…?

[Tsuji] “There is a lot of factors in American Casual such as military and Ivy League… you know?”

[Interviewer] Certainly.

[Tsuji] “Back then it wasn’t so easy for us to get information like today, so we weren’t always sure if things we loved were even American. But they are somehow very ‘American’ in our memory.”

[Interviewer] True. I feel you.

[Tsuji] “Memory often gets tangled as we get old and can possibly change into something beautiful and exciting. I really enjoy it’s resolved in our creation. This is the reason why I thought Ame-Casi should be the season theme.”

[Tokuda] “When I heard that, the word ‘Shuhari’ came to my mind. Everything has its own foundation; the first step is to ‘protect’ that foundation, utilize the foundation to ‘break’ through the wall around it, and become able to create something original and finally ‘leave’ the foundation.”
(Shuhari*: A concept in Japanese martial art which indicates stages of mastery. Shu- to protect/ Ha- to break down or analyze/ Ri- leaves and create new)

[Interviewer] In terms of mind discipline in Japanese traditional performing arts, right?

[Tokuda] “Absolutely. When I describe what we do as Bru na boinne, I think we’ve been deeply focusing on the ‘Ri’ part of Shuhari.”

[Interviewer] I definitely see that.

[Tokuda] “I was somehow so energized and wondered what we could come up with if we go back to the foundation (shu) now. I thought maybe we could create something completely new in Ame-Casi fashion after twenty years since we launched Bru na boinne!”

[Tsuji] “That’s right. When people try to make Ame-Casi, they usually have tendencies of redoing things they’ve been inspired by, yet we are going to just move on without looking back.”

[Tokuda] “It’s also super exciting to take revenge on Ame-Casi this very moment, the milestone of Japanese era from Heisei to Reiwa (1989-2019).”

[Interviewer] Word… This is going to be the last question, what song would you request for ending the show?

[Tsuji] “Y’all know, we need THAT song.”

[Tokuda] “Yeah, THAT song…!!”

The intro of THE song erased their voices, and he turns up the volume.
He don’t hesitate, typing in the next destination. [2] [0] [1] [9]


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