19SS Collection story

An encounter with a painter in Edo.

Moving forward in bamboo grove for a while, a white warehouse appears.

A curio dealer is excited with the atmosphere of the warehouse, but there is only a scroll inside the warehouse.

The scroll is a letter, and even though it is hard to read all due to its running style, it seems to be from a painter in Edo era.

It says that there was no way to find the subjects of the painting from overseas anymore due to a policy which was called “Sakoku” later.

Also, there is an address at the end of the letter.
I take my favorite pencil and note from a bag and draw animals that can not be seen in Edo era such as a rhinoceros, an elephant, a tiger, and imaginary creatures.

After finishing drawing, I tear off the page, put it in an envelope, and send it to the address.

“Yes”, I reply to the letter from three hundred years ago.
It is just a joke, but one day I just get a letter from someone.

I open it, and it says the details of the town in Edo where the painter lives.
Is it just a prank? or Does it come from over time and space?

“Ok” I decide to play with this painter and write all things I know in letters.
Although sometimes the address is changed, we exchange the letters for a while.
But suddenly the mysterious correspondence ends after ten months from the first letter.
With whom have I been exchanging letters?

Moved by the letters as a curio dealer, I go to the white warehouse in bamboo grove again.

There is nothing inside the warehouse as before, but I find a box collecting dust at the corner of the room.

The box is filled with various paintings such as Ukiyoe and Sumie.
Although each technique is different, the paintings seem to be created from the letters.
It is unbelievable, but I can know that they are from Edo era.

It is certain that the letters come from Edo era.
It was just only for ten months, but I was certainly connected with someone in Edo era over time and space.
Unique animals, deep sea fishes, colorful plants, and various colors…
The paintings created from the painter’s imagination in Edo era are filled with romantic sprits that replicas cannot reach to.

I may only be thinking that I have been collecting masterpieces, but they are not my own works.
Through the collaborations with the painter in Edo era, I get the feeling that I have a real treasure for the first time.


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